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Natural Health Sherpa is a team of doctors, naturopaths, nutrition experts, trainers, and health savvy folks just like you who get giddy over a pile of peer-reviewed research papers on metabolism.

We believe that everything comes back to metabolism, or how your body regulates hormones and processes energy. It affects not only your body composition and how fit you are, but your overall wellness, energy, mood, behavior, cravings... even your self-esteem and outlook on life.

We’re driven by the mission that the status quo isn’t good enough. Greedy corporations and multi-billion dollar institutions lie to you left and right about what is truly good for you to protect their own interests—including exercise, nutrition, supplements, and more.

We feel it’s our duty to change that ... to provide only the best, scientifically-proven advice, exercise plans, nutritional guidance and supplements.

We never cut corners; we never put out anything the science can’t back up; and we’ll never rest until YOU are as healthy as you want to be.

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